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Body Piercing Apprenticeship Training, Videos & Certificate



Do you have the drive, the determination and the willingness to learn? Then we can help make those dreams a reality!

The Body Piercing learning process is not an easy one. There is a lot to learn and getting a good apprenticeship can be very costly, what I am offering is a chance to get a helping hand in the apprenticeship learning battle.

I am a Body Piercing artist of 9 years. I have been published in numerous magazines and traveled around the United States learning my craft.

I will provide you with all the basic learning materials needed to get the basic understanding of how you can become a Body Piercing artist.

You will receive Body Piercing learning guides. These are split up into in 20 sections to jump-start the learning process.

You will also receive 33 DVD videos, made by "Insane Tattoo Products" and the "International School of Body Art" featuring myself  demonstrating different techniques in a hands on environment, with me explaining what I am doing and why I am doing it.

There is a lot of competition out there in the Body Piercing industry and in the training portion of it. I invite you to check out my Body Piercings and make your own decision on who you want to teach you. I will let my work speak for itself.

If you would like to take it to the next level and begin your training, I would love to help you in that process.

I do not condone illegal Body Piercing and there are many other safe options available to you to learn how to Body Piercing without Body Piercing out of your house and hurting your friends in the process.

I am offering the following services to you as part of this Body Piercing apprenticeship program.

1. Myself and Gary Gray (International school of body art co owner) will stay in contact you at least 3 times a week, to answer any questions you may have in regard to the Body Piercing process.

2. You will have our personal email addresses to email us with any questions that need an answer sooner than the normal contact.

3. We will personally help you with all of the information that we can offer.

4. We will also help you with any aspect of the pre-Body Piercing process. We will offer advice on the materials you will need and how to get these materials.

5. We will help you feel more confident. So that when you decide to walk through that door, and start your new career, that you will have the basic understanding of what it means to be a Body Piercing artist, and the knowledge to back it up

Upon completion of multiple choice exams and video testing or via mail on practice skins. We will issue you a certificate which your local health inspector and government may see. They may and also contract us directly to verify your test results and standings with us.

Included With This Apprenticeship -34 Video Guides on 4 dvds 1 Data Disc with PDF Training Guides


34 Learn How To Body Pierce Instructional Video Collection

Learn how to body pierce with the International School of Body Art. 34 "Hollywood Style" body piercing videos.
1. Tools of the trade - describes all the proper and necessary tool's you will need to perform in a safe and effective environment.
2. Piercing needles, dermal punches & tapers - Needles are the Main tool that you will using during your Body Piercing career. Dermal Punches and Tapers are also a must.
3. Piercing jewelry - explains how each piece of Body Jewelry functions and how the jewelry can be used.
4. Sterilization - use of an ultrasonic cleaner, using an autoclave, cleaning of Piercing supplies, the sterilization process, a description of supplies , clean room management skills, charting of materials, surface disinfection.
5. Aftercare & consent forms - release forms and aftercare explained.
6. Setting up your workstation - explains how to organize your work area to optimal conditions.
7. Setting up for a piercing - what you will need in your work area to perform better as a piercer and what to use in your work area.
8. Dual male nipple piercing - are a fairly common piercing that you will be required to do on a regular basis.
9. Double dimple piercing - a unique and very tricky body piercing to perform correctly.
10. Nape piercing - a really popular piercing on the back of the neck, one of the easier of the surface piercings to perform.
11. Dual female nipple piercing - Female nipple piercings are another fairly common piercing, so we tackle this with all of the knowledge you will need as a piercer.
12. Anti-tragus piercing - a surface piercing that is very hard to manipulate and get positioned correctly, so we show you step by step.
13. Lower navel piercing - one of the most popular ear piercings done in the industry.
14. Custom industrial piercing - one of the most popular ear piercings done in the industry.
15. Tongue piercing - The tongue piercing is a very popular, yet dangerous piercing.
16. Nostril piercing- Another super trendy piercing, performed with ease and explained in great detail to make you the talk of the town.
17. Lower lip piercing - proper placement and jewelry selection is key to this piercing.
18. Septum piercing - is believed to be one of the more painful piercings.
19. Dual skin staples - Extreme Body Piercing!.
20. Two taper ear stretch - in this video you will learn how do it correctly and help your client get to the gauge the desire.
21. Vertical hood piercing - Any type of genital piercing should not be taken lightly!
22. Horizontal hood piercing - Pay close attention as this is something you do not want to take a chance with.
23. Basic Ear Lobe Piercing - a common piercing and some people use older methods of a piercing gun, this is outdated and barbaric!
24. Dermal Punch - the coolest thing since sliced bread, but should only be used by someone who has a very good understanding of the human body.
25. Eyebrow Piercing - There are a few risks with this piercing, we will sow you how to place the jewelry safely.
26. Head Markings - dedicated to Marking for each piercing on the head of a person.
27. Basic Tear Down & Clean Up - Cleaning and disposing of all of your materials after a piercing
28. Female Body Markings - dedicated to marking and performing procedures on the female body.
29. Reverse Prince Albert Piercing - Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!
30. Basic Navel Piercing - the bread and butter of your career! A simple and very popular piercing.
31. Tragus Piercing - when done correctly will be as easy as putting a hot knife in butter.
32. Snake Bites Piercing - very popular yet easy to do piercing. Be careful!
33. Christina Piercing - a pubic surface piercing, that adds a touch of class and mystery to a person.
34. Dermal Anchors - a fairly newer piercing that requires special tools.

Beginner to Intermediate Level
Beginner to Intermediate Level
Your Price: $99.00
Black & Gray Portrait Tattooing - Instructional Videos
Black & Gray Portrait Tattooing - Instructional Videos
Your Price: $79.00
An Introduction to Rotary Tattoo Machines - DVDS
An Introduction to Rotary Tattoo Machines - DVDS
Your Price: $79.00
On sale: $59.00 On Sale
Body Piercing Instructional DVD Videos
Body Piercing Instructional DVD Videos
Your Price: $99.00
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